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Poetry Recital signup

Which poet will your performance honor?

Poetry Recital: 

      The poems selected should be from the African American poetry canon including some “best loved” poems and some lesser-known poems by famous authors. The entire reading will last between 45-60 minutes. 

      A program will be printed with introductory information. Verbal introductions only as necessary are limited to one or two sentences.

      Poetry should be memorized and either declaimed, sung, or reenacted by a performer playing the role of a poet or character associated with the poem. If others please explain.

      If recited in dialect or foreign tongue the poem shall be recited in the original and English translation

     Honoraria is 50$ for each poem (up to eight) recited including translation, if applicable.

    The purpose of the recital is to honor a spectrum of America’s important poets of the past 250 years. Some audience members may know a poem by heart while some will hear it for the first time. Declaiming or other forms of dramatization, including singing, chanting, instrumental accompaniment, dressing in character etc. could contribute to making your recital memorable. We need a final poem selection by June 1,2023 to print programs.

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