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     Histories of national gardens should soon be available.

     Click on map to see your garden.

   Do you have photos, home movies, memories, documents, art or, brochures programs relating to the International Peace Gardens? The Peace Gardens International Academy is bringing together all such materials to form a collective history of the Peace Gardens for our interactive website, books and brochures, multimedia lectures, and our anticipated reading room. Your participation in the history project might also give needed clues to authentically restore some earlier gardens to their original state. Submit written information                                  .


     The International Peace Gardens, located on the bank of the Jordan River in Salt Lake City, was founded as a citizenship project and as a lesson in peace and understanding between nations. The endeavor is evidence that people from many lands can unite in building a monument to peace.

      Part of Utah history, the garden was conceived in 1939 and dedicated in 1952, the International Peace Gardens has welcomed tens of thousands of travelers from every corner of the globe, including exchange partners from Salt Lake's several Sister Cities. The project was brought to fruition by Utah citizen Mrs. Otto (Ruey) Wiesley, working with the Salt Lake City Superintendent of Parks, the mayor, and the Salt Lake Council of Women. Today the garden remains under the direction of the Salt Lake Council of Women Past Presidents Council. Each participating Utah-based nation group is allotted a plot in which to create a garden with native plantings and garden architecture and statues of world peace leaders typical of the homeland and its culture. The Peace Gardens currently represents the cultural diversity of twenty-six nations and encourages pleasant wandering and meditation by visitors. To learn more about the history of the gardens, click on "history."

    An initial timeline is provided of events relating to

    the International Peace Gardens.


     Interviews are currently being conducted with founders of National Gardens, Salt Lake Council of Women, Peace Gardens curators and committee members, Mayors, Parks Department and others.

                            to submit your personal memories.

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