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Model signup

Wayne James 002
Zang Toi
Wayne James
Pierre Balman
Pauline Trigere
Pauline Trigere 003
Jean-Louis Scherrer
Pauline Trigere 002
Givenchy 003
Givenchy 002
Balestra 002
Christian Dior
Anna Sui 002
B Michael 002
B Michael 001
Anna Sui

Fashion Show Reenactment:

       Because the Ebony Fashion Fair dresses being loaned comprise African American Cultural artifacts, they will not be altered to fit. The dresses, coats and gowns represent a variety of sizes. Models of all sizes, genders, ages, etc. are invited to participate


        I understand I will be required to

  1. Come to a dress fitting two weeks before the show

  2. Come to a rehearsal a few days before the show at the International Peace Gardens

  3. Models are required to be dressed and in character from 3:15 to 4:45 on the June 17th.

A $100 thank you honorarium will be awarded to each participant upon completion of the above requirements.

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